Sunday, June 20, 2021

A man who failed 300 times and received more than 950 awards

 Chapter - 10

Cowards can also fight if victory is certain,

Brave they are called, Those who are sure to lose, still do not leave the field…

This Is The Inspirational Story of Walt Disney.

He was a person of shy nature.

He was the fourth of his five siblings.

The father was in the construction business and was very strict by nature.

They used to vent their anger on their wives and children.

In childhood, He used to dream about a place where he could have a unique feeling of fun and pleasure.

He was 4 years old when his family moved to a place called Mercyline in Missouri.

He started painting at the age of 4.

He used to make paintings and earn a lot of money selling to friends and neighbors.

In 1917, He also served as a cartoonist in the school newspaper.

In fear of his father, he also worked to distribute the newspaper.

He used to distribute newspapers by wandering around wearing his worn-out shoes.

He used to sleep in his class, and the grades were also decreasing.

He continued to distribute newspapers for 7 years. Whatever income they had, they used to keep their father

In 1919, He worked as an artist at the "Paceman-Rubin Commercial" art studio in Kansas City.

Even after being busy, he continued to refine his art. His art was the light of joy in his sorrowful life.

All his brothers had left home due to the father's angry attitude and deteriorating relationship.

He moved to the army at 16 years. But due to age, they could not be selected.

In France where he continued to operate an ambulance for 1 year.

After coming back from France, he used to work as an assistant in the day and night watchman. 

He also used to practice drawing at night.

So after some time he left his father's company and moved to Kansas City.

The director of 'Kansas City Film & Company' offered him to work in his company at a salary of $ 40 a week.

At the age of just 19, he opened his own cartoon company, but he did not sell any of his cartoons.

He founded Laugh-O-Grams Studio on 14 May 1922.

2 animated films produced by him were successfully performed all over the country.

But the cell agent did not get enough money. A loan was levied on him and he went bankrupt.

They had no food to eat, no money.

He left Kansas City with a shirt in a suitcase and 40 dollars in his pocket and left for California.

In 1923, Disney came to Hollywood hoping to become a live action film director.

He sought help from his brother Roy and together they established Walt Disney Studio on October 14, 1923.

He went bankrupt several times, he also wanted to become a Hollywood actor, but this did not happen.

Till the age of 22, he did not even have food and drink money,

He was also removed from the newspaper for being lazy and useless. 

At the age of 25, he converted a garage into a studio 

He began to feel betrayed by Universal Company stealing rights to 'Oswald the Lucky Rabbit'.

He created the new character Mickey Mouse.

He gained a lot of fame with this character.

After this, He was also awarded the "Academy Award" for the Disney Studio film "Snow White" in 1937.

He released two new films in 1940, but due to World War II, these films could not run,

He had a dream - the creation of Adventure Park Disneyland.

For whom He sold the broadcast rights for his cartoon series to ABC Television Network for $ 5 million.

He built a Disneyland theme park in 1955 in the city of "Anaheim", California with an investment of 17 million.

He was also awarded the "Presidential Freedom Medal" on 14 September 1964.

It is believed that he failed more than 300 times

Walt Disney has been nominated for an Oscar Award 59 times and won 22 times, a record.

He received more than 950 awards and honors from all over the world.

Walt Disney was a visionary explorer

Failure is happening again and again, 

So don't be disheartened,

Sometimes even the last key of the bunch,

Unlock the lock.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Motivational Story of Albert Einstein

 Chapter - 9

Never be sad in life, Never be disappointed with anything,

Life is a struggle, it will go on, Never lose your way of life.

This Is The Inspirational Story of Albert Einstein.
His father ran a small electrical goods factory.
His uncle was responsible for his upbringing.
There were many scientific instruments among the gifts that uncle gave him.
He was not so intelligent in childhood.
When he was born, his head size was quite large.
He started speaking at the age of 4.
Some of his teachers started calling him mentally challenged.
From the age of 5, he started showing interest in science.
He started going to school much later due to his speaking problem.
He started playing violin at the age of 6 and continued to play it in his entire life.
At the age of 12, he Started learning geometry.
At the age of 16, he used to solve the most difficult problems of mathematics very easily.
His memory was also very poor, he remembered neither the names nor the phone numbers of the people.
Sometimes 6 hours he used to remain in bathtub.

You just believe in your intentions,
Your defeat will not be greater than your spirits.

He expressed his interest in the profession of cool plumber.
He was made an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steam-Fitters Union.
He has also failed in university admission examination.
In 1900, He finished his graduation from the "Federal Institute of Technology".
In 1906, he also got the title of Doctor.
In 1909, he was made a professor at the University of Munich.
In 1920, He was elected to the Honorary Professor of Life at Leiden University in Holland.
In 1922, he was awarded the International Nobel Prize for the field of physics but did not get his amount.
In 1925. He was awarded the Copley Medal.
In 1929. He was awarded the Max Planck Medal.
In 1939, He made a very important contribution to the structure of an atomic bomb.
In 1945, He invented his famous equation E = MC squared.
In 1999, he was declared Century man by Times magazine.
His Discovered Theory of relativity in his bathroom.
He had a love affair with at least six women during his first marriage.
Among his contemporary greats, he had exclusive devotion to Gandhi.
He used to take money to get his autograph but later he donated all the money to charity.
He used to create a blueprint using the visualization of research in his mind.
He has published more than 300 scientific research papers.
After Albert Einstein's death, a scientist stole his brain, then he was locked in a jar for 20 years.
One of Albert Einstein's words was "Practice is the key to success".
Einstein believed that a human genius is formed when it has 1% talent and the ability to work 99% hard.

Someone used to ask Einstein that this is your theory of relativity. There is so much discussion, the Nobel Prize has been received, the word is heard from place to place, but what does it mean? 
So Einstein used to say, it is difficult to convince you. It is said that there were hardly twelve people on the ground, who understood that principle properly.
But Einstein slowly discovered an example. To convince an ordinary man, he used to say that if your enemy comes to your house and sits for hours, then it seems that years have passed. And if your beloved comes home, if hours pass then it seems that even a moment has not passed.

The person who is smiling must have been brought up by pain,
There will be a blister in the leg of what is going on,
Human cannot shine without struggle,
Whatever will burn will be illuminated in the same lamp.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Henry Ford Motivational Story

 Chapter - 8

Do not compare yourself to anyone, Like the moon and the sun don't compare

Can be done because both of these Shine on their time.

This Is Inspirational Story of Henry Ford.
After passing the fifth, He had to walk two and a half kilometres from his house for further studies.
At the age of 11, His toys used to be tea kettle and small parts.
His parents died at the age of 15.
At the age of 15, he made his mark as a watch fixer
At a very young age, he started correcting the neighbors' clocks.
At the age of 16, he left home and moved to Detroit.
Arriving in Detroit, in 1879, he worked with James F. Flower & Brother's
In 1886, he settled on 80 acres of land given to his father and opened a machine repair factory there.
In 1890, he started working at the Detroit Edison Electric Company.
In 1891, Ford became the engineer of the Detroit Edison Electric Company.
In 1893, the first car powered by petrol was made, which had power of 4 HP.
In 1896 and they also built a vehicle named the Ford Quad cycle.
In 1899, he left the job of the electric company and founded the Detroit Automobile Company.
The company was liquidated in January 1901.
He founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903.

When everything is against you, remember that the airplane always flies against the wind 
and not with the movement of the wind.

He Built 1708 vehicles at Ford Motor Company in the first year
5000 vehicles were sold in the second year.
By May 1908 He launched a car model T.
He fixed the daily wages of those working in it for five dollars a day.
He contested the Senate election in 1918, although he lost the election with a slight margin.
By 1924, his company had made 2 million vehicles and tractors and by 1931
The number of vehicles manufactured in all their factories reached 20 million.
By 1927, Ford had to cease production of the Model T.
He was a billionaire, yet he used to come in his office and factory in simple clothes.
He had received 161 US patents.
In 1946, he was also the Automotive Hall of Fame.

Henry Ford asked by a journalist - What is the secret of your success ? 
Ford said my secret is simple. It is an open secret. I never miss an opportunity. The way not to miss an
opportunity is just to keep jumping. So whenever it comes. It doesn't matter you will jump and ride on it.
Don't stand and wait; otherwise you will get engaged in other thought and other things.

No one is so rich
To buy the time spent,
No one is so poor
Could not change the time to come 

Monday, May 10, 2021

Coke Bottle Seller Become a billionaire

 Chapter - 7

I wiped away all the nights of sleep, I just took the floor in my eyes,

Have to get, just want to get dream, That's why I forgot the whole world.

This Is Inspirational Story of Steve Jobs.

His mother was a college student and single.
Before he was born it was decided that I would adopt a Mechanic and his wife.
At that time he was 5 years old.
They Both were not very educated and belonged to the middle family.
He used to tamper with the electronic goods kept in the garage and was always trying to find something new.
He saw computer for the first time at age 12.
When Steve was 15, his father gifted him a car that was a second-hand car.
Steve Jobs was addicted to marijuana during school days.
A book "Be Here Now" impressed him the most.
During His studies, He felt that all my parents' income is being spent in his studies.
Shortly after the semester, He decided to leave his college due to lack of money.
At that time He had no room to live, so He slept on the ground in my friend's room.
He used to sell coke bottles so that He could eat whatever He got.
He used to walk seven miles to the Krishna temple to eat.
He got an opportunity to work with a video game developing company in 1972.
Whatever money he saved from this job, he came to visit India.
After returning from India, he converted to Buddhism.
Wozniak, His best friend, once built his personal computer
After this, the idea of doing business to make jobs computer
At the age of 20, In 1976, He along with his friend, started making computers in his father's garage, 
Once He was sitting in Apple's Garden, he thought of renaming his company as Apple.
At the end of the first year, it became the second company to make personal computers.
The year 1980 Apple launched its IPO. 300 people become Overnight millionaires due to Apple's IPO
He was awarded the "Machine of the Year" award in 1982 for his iconic company, Apple.
When Apple 3 launched and then Lisa Computer. Both these products flopped badly.
He Launched it with Mackintosh in 1984 by making it to the Best Super Bowl on Lisa,
Gradually, the company was completely in debt. Board of Directors put all my blame on him.
At the age of 30 He was expelled from the company on September 17, 1985. 
After this, in four years, Next on October 12, 1988, NEXT Computer was launched at an event.
Next was also very expensive like Apple, Due to which Next suffered a lot of damage.
He made Next Commuter Company a software company and he also achieved considerable success in this.
He worked as a worker and producer in the 1995 film Toy Story.
In 1986, Steve Jobs partnered with a graphics company, Pixar Movie Shoppers and Disney.
Apple talked with Him to buy Next Company in 1996, and the deal was finalized for $ 427 million.
In 2007, Apple revolutionized the mobile world by launching its first mobile phone.
He drove without a number plate.
He look at His face in the mirror every morning and think that if today is my last day, then I should do what I want

Seek better than better,
If you find a river, search for the sea
Breaks the glass due to injury,
Look for such a glass that breaks the stone.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

English Teacher Become Richest man in the world

 Chapter - 6

The struggle is so big that it becomes a story,

If the depressed person also studies, then go on the path of struggle.

This Is Inspirational Story of Jack Ma.
His childhood passed through a period when communism was at its peak in China.
His parents worked by singing and playing traditional songs.
He started learning English when he was 13 years old
He used to go to Hangzhou International Hotel on a bicycle where big foreigners used to come.
He worked as a tourist guide for foreigners from other countries for 9 years.
He applied for college but failed 3 times in the college entrance exam.
He applied 10 times for Howard University admission but not once did he succeed.
He once scored only 1 out of 120 marks in the Mathematics examination in his college.
When he completed his graduation, 500 people also completed their graduation.
499 got the job of teacher in middle school, only he was sent to the teacher in the university
They used to get the salary for 10 dollars / month there.
He worked there for 5 years.
He tried for more than 30 jobs but he got a lot of failure from everywhere.
He Once tried for a police job but was refused on sight.
When KFC's restaurant opened for the first time in their city, they tried for a job in KFC as well, 
but out of 24 people who went there for the job, 23 people got jobs but only one did not get them.

I am tired, I am not lost yet,
Do not pity me, I am not a poor person.

Once he started working as a translator, he once got a chance to go to America.
He went to America in 1995 with the help of his friends to learn about the Internet.
He first searched the word Bear on the Internet, then he saw that there is no information about it in Chinese on 
the Internet and thus suggest an idea in his mind
He used to take 3.5 hours to create a half page.
He bought his first computer at the age of 33
He created a new website about China's beer, which he named 'ChinaPage'.
Eventually, his project could not succeed due to many reasons like lack of investment.
He started his first B to B eCommerce website with 17 friends sitting at his home.
In the year 1995, He & his wife and Kukuh friends together deposited some money and started a company to build
a website which they named China Yellow Pages. To start this company, all the friends together had deposited
 about 20000 $.
He Established a website where exporters from different places of the world can present a comprehensive list 
of their products.
He named this website "Alibaba".
He first turned to Silicon Valley to invest in Alibaba, where he was only disappointed.
But later by 1999, when two big companies - Goldman Sachs and SoftBank, invested a total of $ 25 million
Even so, seeing that there was no profit from Alibaba, Jack Ma and his team wrote 'Ta' in 2003.
There was a time when this company was only 18 months away from becoming bankrupt.
Within 3 years, the same company made a profit of $ 3 million.
Today there are 50000+ people working in this company.
In 2013, it emerged as the largest IPO company in the US market.

Work so that it becomes an identity,
Let each step be made a mark,
Life cuts everyone here,
Live your life in such a way that it becomes an example.

A man who failed 300 times and received more than 950 awards

  Chapter - 10 Cowards can also fight if victory is certain, Brave they are called, Those who are sure to lose, still do not leave the field...